The life and death of restaurants is currently on full display here in Silver Spring. With the recent closing of Babe’s Sports Bar and Sabroso Grill comes the opening of Fajita Coast and Stage Burger Lounge, with the relative newcomers wasting no time opening their doors to hungry residents. Include the loss of Marrakesh Silver Spring and the anticipated opening of Society Lounge and you understand the fluid nature of the restaurant business.

Prepare to be served one more eatery: Scion Restaurant

Scion Restaurant has secured a lease at 1200 East West Highway, allowing the restaurateurs to expand beyond their Dupont Cirlce kitchen and into a 3,000 square foot establishment in South Silver Spring. The restaurant is expected to open in the autumn after an extensive build-out and will serve contemporary and seasonal American cuisine. A noodle and dumpling bar is also in the works for the space, highlighting the heritage of the co-owners/sisters Joanne and Julie Liu.

Scion seems to have fans in high places. President Obama sat down to dine at the Dupont establishment with four campaign supporters in January, even taking the time to autograph a menu. Given the Foodie-In-Chief’s propensity to eat in quality dining rooms, expectations are high for Scion’s newest outpost.

This stretch of East West Highway has nearly been a retail desert since the opening of 1200 East West Highway and the Veridian apartment buildings two years ago. While Yelp reviewers rave about Ikko Sushi, neighbors enjoy the act of dropping off dry cleaning and picking up a bottle of wine at Veridian Market, and some claim excitement that a Papa John’s recently opened in the Veridian, the truth is that East West Highway is capable of so much more.  The Veridian has plenty of ground level retail space – including a kitchen – and the Mayorga venue around the corner is still empty.

Ikko Sushi is proof that people will visit a restaurant in this location if the quality is good. Hopefully the opening of Scion will encourage other entrepreneurs to open more businesses along East West Highway, knowing that thousands of local residents and employees of NOAA and Discovery can walk or drive to the area.


9 Responses to Welcome Scion, a Presidentially Approved Restaurant

  1. Bubba says:

    FYI, glad the POTUS liked the place, but that isn’t always a great omen.  He also visited Mayorga.

  2. jag says:

    Great news!

  3. MimiTheFirst says:

    Say what you will about Mayorga’s food — I still miss their coffee and the space. A lot.

    Re Scion, this is great news! 

  4. Sandy Mack says:

    Thanks!  Promising!

  5. Robin says:

    I am SO EXCITED to have some of that mixed use space filled. I was excited for Papa John’s not because I’ll ever go there, but because it was SOMETHING in there.

  6. I believe that if this place does well, we’ll see the other retail left open fill up pretty quickly. East-West is prime location. It just takes some pioneers to show people what is possible. 

  7. Mayorga struggled during all of the construction that South Silver Spring had. That is largely over now. There are a lot more people living here now and it’s easy to get to the old Mayorga space again. Ironically, that space would probably do quite well as a cafe.

  8. Darreninamerica says:

    Any update on WHEN this place might open?

  9. […] sculpture. The only “seating” is the ledge around the sculpture. However, once Scion opens, and presuming there is a large outdoor dining area, I think my opinion will be greatly changed. It […]

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