Residential Parking Permit Available October 1st

On September 19, 2012, in Transit, by Brian Savoie

UPDATE: The effective date for the Residential Parking Permits is November 1st.

For all residents of South Silver Spring who utilize the county garages at Kennet Street or in the Galaxy, I wanted to let you know that EFFECTIVE October 1st you will be able to purchase a $95 parking permit. However these permits will not be valid to use for parking until November 1st.

The DOT has sent out letters to all residents of South Silver Spring, but they have had problems with delivery.   Here is a copy of the RPP Letter in case you have not received it.

Here is a relevant section of correspondence from Rick Siebert (who is in charge of the program):

“As I indicated in a previous email, the new south Silver Spring residential permits will be available for sale on October 1, 2012. We obtained a list of the eligible addresses for the area of the program from the property tax database. That database provided both premises addresses and owner addresses. We uploaded the premises addresses to the Sales Store databases and prepared and mailed letters to the 500+ addresses listed. Then, unfortunately, a large percentage of the letters were returned by the Postal Service as undeliverable. In discussion with the Post office we realized that the since the premises addresses had never been used for mailings, they were incomplete for that purpose. We have now uploaded the owner addresses from that database to the Sales Store and have sent out a new mailing. The new sales database is attached. I appreciate your offer to review it for completeness. If you find any eligible address omissions, please let me know immediately. Attached is a copy of the notification letter. It would be great if you can post it online. We would appreciate as wide a public notice of this program as possible.”

Please let me know if you have any questions or feel free to contact Rick Siebert directly at

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  1. CO says:

    Thanks very much for the info, Brian — we currently have a monthly permit and park in the Galaxy, so this would be a money saver. Wanted to let you know that the county parking office is now saying the pilot program won’t start until November 1, not October. And we didn’t receive a letter at our address yet, even though I’m sure we’d be included (in the Aurora Condos), so hopefully that will get straightened out soon, as the parking office said we must have the physical letter in order to qualify for the reduced RPP rate.

  2. I just got my letter in the mail yesterday. I live in the Aurora, too.

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