The 8001 Newell Question – What Comes Next?

On September 19, 2012, in Development, by Brian Savoie

The question of what will become of the Extra Space Self Storage at 8001 Newell is one that has been generating a great deal of conversation in our neighborhood.

The neighborhood doesn’t have a consensus position on what should be programmed in that space.  However, we do all seem to agree that integrated urban planning which doesn’t simply include residential units, but also includes public amenities and county services needs to come to our rapidly evolving neighborhood.  Since the neighborhood does not have a consensus position, the neighborhood association is not advocating for any particular solution at the 8001 Newell site.

Neighborhood associations can serve a variety of purposes and advocacy is only one of them.  Our neighborhood association doesn’t only advocate for our neighborhood, but serves as a communications vehicle and as a hub for the social fabric of the community (Did I mention that the Street Fest is quickly approaching on September 29th?!).

In the spirit of being a communications hub, over the next two days we will present two blog posts with divergent opinions on the programming of the space at 8001 Newell.  The first post will be from Renee Tatusko of 8045 Newell Street.  Renee represents Parks Now for South Silver Spring.  This group has been advocating for a public park space at the 8001 Newell Street site.  The second post will be a different perspective on the programming of 8001 Newell Street by Patrick Thornton of 8045 Newell Street.

I hope that these two blog posts will lead to a fruitful discussion amongst our neighborhood about what we do need at 8001 Newell Street and what the long term development of South Silver Spring will look like.

I would like to welcome those with other points of view from those expressed to submit a post as well – or simply talk back in the feedback section.


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  1. Jill says:

    How would one ever determine what is a “neighborhood consensus” position ? You will never get 100 % unanimous agreement among people on mundane things, let alone a community vision.

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