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  1. Denny Shaw says:

    PARKING–Problem: county parking fees are going up, without any input or discussion from residents.  What caused problem: county system insists parking unit raise its own funds AND county has allowed area to be overbuilt AND county departments do not collaborate with each other.  What can we do about it:  write to Ervin (Dist 5), Reimer, Elrich & Leventhal.  Tell them to focus on CUTTING EXPENSES instead of raising revenue.  For example, 600 county employees have personal use of “their” county vehicle!
    Eliminate half of them and apply the funds to the baffled parking “department.”
    Tell them to stop blaming the victim!  Those of us who live here deserve to be included in the conversation before rates are increased.  We should not be penalized for serving as the urban pioneers who revitalized this area, starting in 2002.  Tell them to identify someone in county government who can figure out how to provide monthly parking passes online.
    (One of the speakers reported they had hired a firm but the proposed price was too high!) Remind them that we pay millions in property taxes, receive very few benefits, and are eating raw carrots to improve our watchful eyes!   Denny Shaw, Eastern Village Cohousing

  2. Enul says:

    On February 25 the Folklore Society of Greater Washington presents “Yankee Frolics,” a War of 1812 concert with singers Peter Brice, Lisa Null, and Judy Cook along with guest appearances by Donna Long (piano), Jesse Winch (guitar!) Catherine Marafino (dance) and George Stephens (rousing chorus).

    Judy Cook, Peter Brice, and Lisa Null are warm, a cappella singers of traditional song who use their skills to explore heroism, desertion, victory, impressment, love, honor, longing, parody, and propaganda in this all but forgotten war that had so much to do with the development of American identity and nationhood.  For many years, Lisa taught the “sound track” of American history at Georgetown University. Judy delights audiences across America with her civil war programs, and Peter uses his mastery of Irish music (including the button accordion!) to explore intersections between Celtic and American traditions. They love breathing new life into this overlooked material— songs that tell us so much about who we are and how we got that way.

    The concert will be held at the Washington Ethical Society, 7750 16th Street NW at 8:00 PM and is free to members, $18 to non-members.

    For further information contact Lisa Null: enul@starpower.net

  3. J L says:

    video of a cop going a little fast on Georgia Ave

  4. Anthony Camilli says:

    Dear SSSNA,
    I was reading the MC Planning Office Director’s blog lately and saw he and his team do “walkabouts” throughout the County to gauge citizen interests/concerns.  Has SSSNA ever requested one of these?  I for one would like to show them how awful the pedestrian/biking is around DTSS …

  5. Spud says:

    Hi, can you highlight this petition regarding new condos in Newell street? The las thing we need is more condos in the area.


  6. ed says:

    I purchased raffle tickets at the 2012 festival.
    Can you provide me the site/location that provides the winners?

  7. rattle says:

    How do I get the 2 dimes; 20 cents that the parking meter did not give me time credit for? I’ve had 3-4 tickets of $45. They will take from me when they want to. I want my 2 dimes back. I can not afford this today. (I could not afford the $45 tickets; I had to go without eating so my daughter could eat.)

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